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Grant Funded Breathing Apparatus

SCBA's are the lifeline for Firefighters in harmful atmospheres.…

Congratulations - EMT Certified

Hunter Newmiller and Sam Belsky certified as EMT's

04-03-2019 Brush Fire

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2018 Awards Banquet

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02-09-2019 Structure Fire

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02-05-2019 Automatic Fire Alarm - Broken Water Pipe

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11-12-2018 Structure Fire

Management Excellence Award

Chelan Fire and Rescue Received 2nd place in the Washington State…

$829,011 Grant Funds for Breathing Apparatus

Chelan Fire and Rescue, in conjunction with Chelan County Fire…

Chelan Fire and Rescue reduces on duty career staffing in 2019

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08-08-18 Car / Brush Fire

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07-16-18 Brush Fire - 17975 South Lake Shore

07-16-18 Brush Fire - 17975 South Lake Shore Chelan Fire and…

07-13-18 Structure Fire - Apple Acres Rd

Chelan Fire and Rescue responded to a report of a structure fire…

Dear Chelan Residents:

Chelan Fire and Rescue plans to perform live fire training at the structure located at 305 N. Emerson on November 16th, 2019 from 0800-1800 hrs.  The purpose of this exercise is to provide training to your firefighters under realistic conditions.  These exercises allow us to maintain our skills at an optimum level, helping to assure that we are ready when a real fire emergency occurs. 

This exercise will be controlled.  We have planned additional resources to help ensure that this training is conducted safely; both for our personnel, and for the safety and property protection of others.

We will be constantly monitoring the wind conditions and the effect that this exercise may have on the residents in the area.  We request that you keep your windows closed and to notify us if you feel smoke is getting into your house.  It is also recommended to keep pets indoors. 

You are welcome to watch and take pictures on the day of the burn.  There will be an area set up specifically for those wishing to observe the training.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this exercise, please contact me at Station 71 or call (509)682-4476. 

This training is designed with you in mind.  A live fire exercise is the best type of training that we can provide your firefighters. 


Brandon Asher

Assistant Fire Chief