Quick Response – Grandview Fire

Quick Response by Chelan Fire and Rescue Firefighters stops what could have been a disastrous fire in the Grandview.

Chelan Fire and Rescue was dispatched to a report of smoke in a 3rd floor room of the Grandview by the Lake at around 6:47 p.m. The first units were on scene within 5 minutes of the 911 call and two and half minutes of being notified by the dispatch center. The engine connected into the Fire Department Connection (FDC) that supports the stand pipe and fire sprinkler system while other members of the crew accessed the 3rd floor room which they found to be charged with smoke and heat. The crew located a working fire in the void space around the bath tub and reported fire coming from the ceiling area in the unit below them. A second crew was sent in to the 2nd floor unit and found fire in the ceiling area above the bathroom. Both crews were able to knock the fire down and then check for extension. No fire sprinklers were activated due to the fire being in the void spaces and not in the living space of the rooms. The fire was confined to the two units, but a 4th floor unit suffered smoke damage and the 1st floor unit had some water damage. Guests in Building C and D were displaced for about an hour during fire operations.


“The fire could have been much worse if we had not had a strong initial response from our on-duty crew followed by aggressive firefighting,” said Fire Chief Lemon. “I credit them with keeping this fire from causing any further damage. During the initial fire operations we were using all available resources that were on the scene to include our EMS folks and the Grandview staff to help ensure the buildings were completely evacuated,” said Fire Chief Lemon. The fire is under investigation.