Chelan Fire and Rescue (CFR) held its Annual Awards Banquet Saturday night (03/16/2019) at Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan to honor those members that went the extra mile in 2018. Of the 101 members of Chelan Fire and Rescue, over 80 members and guests attended the function along with special guests, retired Fire Commissioner’s Rick Nedrow and Bob Gervais.

CFR members logged in 8,467 hours of training in 2018.  Thirteen volunteer members logged 50 to 99 hours, 10 members logged 100 to 149 hours, 4 members logged 150 to 199 hours, 5 members logged over 200 with the highest training hours going to FF/EMT Jon Mendoza who logged in 301 hours of training.

CFR responded to 984 emergency 9-1-1 incidents. Total response by members was 2,854 (3,152 hours). The highest response by a volunteer went to to FF/EMT Jon Mendoza who responded to 193 emergency incidents.

Chelan Fire District 7 Volunteer Firefighter’s Association President Dan Crandall recognized Windermere Real Estate Lake Chelan for their on-going support and fund raising in the amount of $7,595.20. FF Judy Johnson was recognized for her serviced as the Associations’ Treasure from 2014 through 2018.

Special Wildfire Certificates of Recognition were presented to 37 members of CFR that responded to one or more of the 53 working wildland fires in 2018. Eight of the wildires were 2nd alarm, ten were 3rd alarm fires and seven State Mobilization responses.

Life Saving Certificates

Administrative Office Manager Carol Kibler was recognized with a Life Saving Certificate after performing the Heimlich maneuver on a choking victim during a vacation in Mexico.

Life Saving Certificates were presented for a Cardiac Arrest victim’s save and recovery to Deputy Fire Chief Mark Donnell, Lt/EMT Shawn Sherman, Lt/EMT Eric Sanderson, FF/EMT Joe Cox, FF/EMT Steven Saugen, FF/EMT Tyee Zacher, FF Judy Johnson and FF James Parks.

Life Saving Certificates were presented for a drowning victim that went into cardiac arrest and was revived to Assistant Fire Chief Brandon Asher, FF/EMT Adam Jones, FF/EMT Troy Keene, FF/EMT Taylor Rains, FF/EMT Joe Cox, SS/EMT Sam Belsky and FF Austin Yancey.

2018 Helping Hands Award went to United States Forest Service and Department of Natural Recourses for their on-going partnership in wildland fire fighting. Tom Allen Construction was also recognized for his company’s support of CFR through in kind services.

Recruit Firefighter of the year 2018 went to FF Sam Belsky.

Station Officers Choice went to FF Steve Garvich-Station 71 (City of Chelan), FF Greg Garvin-Station 72 (Chelan Falls) , FF Jimmy Littlefield-Station 73 (Union Valley) and FF James Belch Station-75 (South Lakeshore).

Support Service Member of the year 2018 went to SS/DO Robert Takagi.

Career Firefighter of the year 2018 was awarded to FF/EMT Taylor Rains.

Volunteer Firefighter of the year 2018 was awarded to FF/EMT Jon Mendoza.

Administrator of the Year 2018 went to Administrative Assistant Faye Barker as she rounds out a 30 year career and gets ready to retire at the end of March 2019.

Career Fire Officer of the year 2018 went to Lt/EMT Evan Woods of C-Shift, Station 71 (City of Chelan).

Volunteer Fire Officer of the year 2018 went to Lt. James Parks, Station 72 (Chelan Falls).

Chief’s Award 2018 went to two Volunteer Fire Officers that have distinguished themselves over the years in how they have ran their stations, motivated their volunteers and ensured a consistent response from their stations, not only to their first due area, but in support of the rest of the district also. Lt. Johnny Synder Station 73 (Union Valley), Lt Hal Jones, Station 75 (South Lakeshore)

Fire Commissioner’s Award 2018 went to Administrative Assistant Faye Barker for a distinguished 30 year career in the Fire Service.

The prestigious Chief’s Company 2018 went to Lt. James Parks, FF/EMT Jon Mendoza, FF/EMT Sammy Rains, FF Sam Belsky, FF Hunter Newmiller and FF Austin Yancey. This group is hand selected by the Chief Officer’s for their merit and skills during emergency operations.