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About Operations

Chelan Fire and Rescue Operations

Chelan Fire and Rescue provides emergency response service to 125 square miles around the south and east end of Lake Chelan out of five fire stations with 11 career employees and 41 volunteer members responding to: medical aid calls; motor vehicle accidents; residential, commercial, vehicle, wildland and illegal fires; hazardous material releases; special rescue that includes low angle, surface water and ice rescue. Chelan Fire and Rescue also actively participates in state wildland mobilization in and out of Chelan County when available.

Chelan Fire and Rescue became a licensed Aid Agency in 2010 providing first response basic life support (BLS) and is working closely with Lake Chelan Community Hospital Emergency Medical Service who provide paramedic and ambulance transport services.

The Rescue Swimmer Program was started in 2010, this program trains personnel to enter the water to search and recover a drowning victim to include diving below the surface. Captain Pat Moore is our Rescue Swimmer coordinator, overseeing the program and is our lead instructor. We currently have twelve rescue swimmers and a 19 foot Achilles SG-156 inflatable rescue boat providing 24/7/365 water rescue capability.

High/Low Angle Rescue Program has been restarted after being suspended in 2010. Chelan Fire and Rescue will train and equip members to conduct high/low angle rope rescue starting in 2014. An initial investment in new equipment and rope has been made and technician training is scheduled for May 2014. We currently have three Rope Rescue Technicians.

Chelan Fire and Rescue’s High/Low Angle Team will work and train, hand-in-hand, with the Chelan County Sheriff’s Officer Rope Rescue Team and other emergency responders trained in this discipline.  Chelan Fire and Rescue’s primary mission is to be able to gain access to a patient(s) located on a steep hillside /cliff, stabilize the patient and extract them if possible and/or wait  until additional resources can arrive to help with the extract.

Over the last four years Chelan Fire and Rescue has developed a working environment whereby the personnel have developed a strong work ethic and sense of value reflective of a professional fire department. All personnel have been issued department uniforms and appropriate protective equipment/clothing for their discipline. This has enhanced the self image of the department and each of its members, allowing the department to show appreciation to its members for their willingness to step up to the professional standards that they proudly hold themselves to.