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Strategic Plan

2021-2025 Strategic Plan 1.0

This Strategic Plan is designed to use statistical data and information about the community, its risk factors, emergency call history, and other influencing aspects that affect the Fire District’s ability to deliver community risk reduction programs, emergency preparedness, and emergency response services. After reviewing data and information, the Administrative Staff has developed the following goals addressing the services, programs, staffing, apparatus, equipment, and facility needs necessary to continue the delivery of service to our community.  The intent of this strategic plan is to facilitate the discussions necessary for planning for the future of the Fire District with the Board of Commissioners as well as members of the organization and the community that we serve.

2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

Did you know that Chelan Fire & Rescue responded to 929 calls for emergency service in 2020?  That our personnel completed over 4300 hours of training necessary to maintain the proficiency to handle those emergency responses?  That Chelan Fire & Rescue was able to upgrade apparatus necessary to get the tools and equipment to those emergency scenes at a cost of $70,000.00? That our busiest day of the week is Saturday?  Or even that the largest single day fire loss for the State of Washington occurred on September 7th, 2020?  You can learn more about these and many other of our achievements and challenges for last year in our 2020 Annual Report.  Just click the link above.