At noon this Wednesday, July 1, 2020 Chelan Fire and Rescue will be doing a test activation of its community siren.  After floating the idea of creating community awareness going into a predicted bad fire season, we were met with overwhelming support of reactivating the siren.  The siren will only activate when Chelan Fire and Rescue is on 2nd alarm or greater wildland or structure fires.  In these situations, we have asked for all available manpower and equipment from all 5 of our stations.  This again will serve notice to the community to be prepared for a wildland fire that could potentially be threatening the safety of our citizens and visitors.  It also serves notice that there could be a delay in other responses due to having to break a truck away from the current emergency.  There will be no weekly test of the siren as we understand that it is loud and people may wonder what it is for.  After this Friday if the siren goes off take a quick look at your surroundings and look for smoke. Every effort will be made to update our social media pages and other media partners with as accurately and timely of information as the emergency allows.