2017 Annual State Audit

Congratulations to Chelan Fire and Rescue’s Administrative Team for another successful and complete state audit for the 2017 year.

The Auditor examined 2017 Financial and accountability statements. The audit is an independent audit and provides essential accountability and transparency for district operations. The information is valuable to management, the governing body and public stakeholders when assessing the governments’ stewardship of public resources.

The accountability report comprises of an independent audit report on the districts compliance with applicable requirements and safeguarding of public resources for the areas the auditor examines.

The financial statements results of tests disclosed no instances of noncompliance or other matters that are required to be reported under Government Auditing Standards.

The Fire District’s overall results and conclusions for the areas examined validates the district operations complied with applicable state laws, regulations, and its own policies, and provided adequate controls over the safeguarding of public resources.

Chelan Fire and Rescue’s administrative team takes great pride in their management of the tax payer’s money through a transparent and sound process open to inspection by the public. Their strong fiscal management has allowed them to stretch the 2006 Fire Levy Lid Lift funds to maintain the current operations of the department. “A special thanks and job well done to Administrative Office Manager Carol Kibler and Administrative Assistant Faye Barker,” said Fire Chief Tim Lemon.

2017 Accountability FINAL Audit

2017 Financial Final Audit

You can also review the reports on the Washington State Auditor website   http://portal.sao.wa.gov/ReportSearch